Performing in and around Toowoomba over the past 5 years, Owie (AKA: Owen Paroz) has become a household name along with being one of the most sought after performers in South East Queensland.

Owie can be seen performing in a variety of venues in and around Toowoomba 5 nites a week, and with a large repertoire there isn’t much that this man can’t play.

His repertoire as you will find on the Song List page of this website covers an enormous variety of music from 60’s & 70’s standards to current top 40 hits including material from artists like  The Beatles, Van Morrison, Green Day, Tracey Chapman, Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, Credence Clearwater Revival and  to name but a few.

Owie makes his constantly updated song lists available to the audience at every performance and never knocks back a legitimate request, working on the theory that “It’s a lot easier to create a happy crowd when you’re playing material that they want to hear”.

Add to this impressive repertoire and a unique sense of humour and a relaxed persona where Owie makes everyone feel like they are at home in their own lounge room and it’s easy to see why this larger than life performer is in so much demand.

Owie can perform to audiences of all sizes and ages, from laid back dining to full on dancing Rock N Roll to 1000 people.

Also available as Wooly Cookies an Acoustic Duo

Enjoy your day!

In the Club

Well a great weekend with some gigs at Fitzys as well as Saturday Night I journeyed out to The Club Hotel in Chinchilla. It was a great night at a great venue so if you are ever out that way make sure you call in and give Shaun and his staff a gidday. The year is starting to look pretty busy but The Club will be a regular spot for a gig. Who are a great supporters of live music .Before I go I would like to share a little story of when I was gigging in Europe and Mad Cow disease was bad. I went to a restaurant with my wife and the waiter was taking my order and the steak was very expensive but I ordered it anyway and the waiter said but sir what about the mad cow ( he had a little French accent) and I said oh it’s ok mate she will order her own.

Love to all

I Adore A Downs

Well gidday and I hope you are well. You know the old saying you learn something new everyday well today that actually happened I discovered that Bipolar was actually a disease and not a big white bear with no sexual preference! Any way had a great weekend with gigs at Fibbers Friday & Sunday as well as the absolute honour of playing at Adora Downs for the wedding of long time friend Rachel & her now husband Simon. Once again the venue was most beautiful and a fantastic atmosphere for a perfect wedding. So if your looking for a great venue for anything give them a call.
Now I was talking to a bloke on the weekend who had recently started a new relationship and he said to me you will never guess what happened this morning he said, he then followed with after my new girl and I made love since the first time she would always rub my balls for at least an hour ! I said oh that’s cool and he replied yeah I thought it was too but this morning I asked her why she did it? To which she replied oh well I really miss mine! Lol
Have a great week

Opening the Vault

Well gidday everyone and I hope you are all well. In Toowoomba the new strip club The Vault opened it’s doors I think it’s great for the town as it offers different options, and lets face it going to a strip club is really like eating a cream bun, people may look at you and judge but in real fact they really would like a bit! A nice weekend of gigging at The Highfields Tavern, The Southern & of course Fitzy’s. Some friendly faces and some new friends where in attendance. It was great to see some rain over the past few days and the place is starting to look nice and green already. Now before I go I just want to share a little story with you. Tony Abbott dies and arrives at the pearly gates. He see heaps of clocks everywhere so he asks
St Peter “what’s with all the clocks?”
To which St Peter Replies” oh they move one spot for every lie someone told in their life , you notice this one is Mother Theresa’s you noticed it hasn’t moved as she never told a lie” Tony asked “hey where’s mine?” To which St Peter replied ” oh God was a bit hot so he’s using it as a fan!”

Love to all

Happily Married

Hello everyone well today I am taking my wife to dinner to celebrate out 13 year anniversary. Thanks Lara for putting up with me all this time I love you always and forever and I look forward to you continuing to be batting well above your average with me for many more years.
Now a great weekend with gigs at Fitzys as well as a lovely wedding of Arron & Bianca at Middle Ridge Golf Club. This venue is a just lovely and they always do a great job. Thanks for having me on your special day
In the coming months I look forward to playing with my new 5 piece band “Monsters Inc” we won’t play a lot of gigs each year but I guarantee the ones we do will be lots of fun as they are a great bunch of guys, it all a starts with Dudley on the Green on Anzac Day.
Now this is a true story I am going to change people’s names to protect identities . The other night I was standing talking to Lisa, Steve, Barney & John and we where discussing marriage and sex and I said that “as far as sex goes once kids are on the scene you’re flat out getting a high five in the hallway ” then Barney came out with something hat had us in hysterics he said yeah at home we mainly stick to doggy style! At fist there was silence as it was a bit unexpected as Barney is a middle aged gentleman of high stature, then he said yeah “I sit on the edge of the bed and beg and she rolls over and plays dead! “
Love to all

Note : No animals where harmed in the writing of this blog 🐶

To Be Sure To Be Sure

Hello everyone I hope you are well. Not overly much to report with the weekends gigs except for a great night in Gatton at the Royal on Saturday and the place was packed and going off. I did however get a late call up to play in the Fibbers Bar for St Paddys Day yesterday although it wasn’t a huge crowd it was a fun with plenty of Irish as well as want to be Irish and it all culminated with the Irish pipe band playing a few tunes! So a great day for sure to round off a great weekend of gigs.
Before I go I just wanted to share with you something that happened. I played a gig in this cafe and in my break I saw this menu sign it said

Chicken Sandwiches $2.50
Cheese Sandwiches $ 2.00
Hand Jobs $10.00
So I went up to the girl at the counter and said ” are you the one that gives the hand jobs?” She said ” yes I am!” So I said “good go and wash your hands cause I want a cheese sandwich!”

Love to all


Hey Everyone,  Friday night I played to the masses at Fitzy’s on Church and as usual was an enjoyable gig but I had one fella who thought he was a comedian but I got the last laugh in the end. I was standing as I do at the bar when he came up to me and said gidday which is fine he then said looking at my belly “is that a keg of XXXX or Carlton?” he had a bit of a chuckle to himself until I said “there’s a tap underneath it why dont you suck it and tell me!” he then grabbed his drinks and moved on.(Owie 1 – Drunks 0)

Saturday I got to enjoy the wedding of Jamie & Chris at the historical Jondaryan Woolshed. They had booked it for the weekend and it was a great night with fantastic food and drinks plus the dynamic voice of Linda Capewell entertaining the crowd of over 250 guests. This venue really is a magnificent place for such an event and it was nice to be able to sit and enjoy it. I would also like to wish the newlyweds all the best for their future.

Sunday it was a double header with a gig at the Toowoomba Golf Club in the afternoon and then a Fitzy’s Sunday later in the evening. The crowds where down on usual but that what happens at the start of footy season I suppose. Just before I go this also happened on Friday night, I saw a fella with tears in his eyes so me  being a nice prick that I am approached him in my break I thought he was probably a Bulldogs fan and sad about the loss but I said to him “what’s wrong brother ?” to which he replied ” I slept with a girl” so I said “good on ya man” he said ” no it’s not good it was my second cousin” and started crying more so I just politely advised him ” mate if you are so concerned with it stop counting!” (Owie 2 – Drunks 0)

Love to all

Don’t forget my new song of the week will be on my website Friday

Seven Year Old

Well gidday hope everyone is feeling awesome. I don’t have much to report as I took both Friday & Saturday nights off to spend some time with my beautiful family and celebrate my daughters seventh birthday. She had five little friends stay over for a slumber party on Friday and I think everyone had lots of fun.
Sunday I played for a sixtieth birthday in Bulimba to a great friendly crowd and it was a really nice gig so thanks for booking me Ellaine.
Just a quick story from a gig the other week, there was this quite large lady really getting into the music , so much so she climbed up on a table to dance. At the end of the song she was still up on the table I said “nice legs” she said ” oh thanks do you think so ” to which I replied ” shit yeah most tables would have broken! “

Love to all