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Performing in and around Toowoomba over the past 8 years, Owie (AKA: Owen Paroz) has become a household name along with being one of the most sought after performers in South East Queensland. Owie can be seen performing in a variety of venues in and around Toowoomba and with his stature and friendly face he has been likened to Santa Claus in that everyone loves him! So you don’t have to be satisfied with only one visit from the fat man each year Owie can deliver as many times as you want him to.His large repertoire as you will find on the Song List page of this website covers an enormous variety of music from 60’s & 70’s standards to current top 40 hits including material from artists like  The Beatles, Van Morrison, Green Day, Tracey Chapman, Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, Credence Clearwater Revival and  to name but a few. Owie makes his constantly updated song lists available to the audience, and never knocks back a legitimate request, working on the theory that “It’s a lot easier to create a happy crowd when you’re playing material that they want to hear”. It’s easy to see why this larger than life performer is in so much demand. Owie can perform to audiences of all sizes and ages, from laid back dining to full on dancing Rock N Roll to 1000 people. He recently performed in the TBar Blues and Roots Festival along side Asa Broomhall & Dalas Frasca as well as many other top line acts. He is also booked to open for James Reyne at a local venue in March.

Owie also offers other options in a Duo, Trio and a full Five Piece band. So there is sure to be an option for your function. Enjoy looking through the website.

One Commandment

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Gidday and I hope this finds everyone well. A great weekend with beautiful sunshine and some great gigs with Fitzys and a wedding the order of the weekend. You know I like to keep it upbeat but I can’t help be concerned about this possible war we are about to get in to in the Middle East I don’t know why people just can’t live with each other no matter what religion or what god you worship. For those of you that know me I think there should only be one commandment ” Try not to be a C/#t” and I am starting to think that maybe if people lived by this other than what god or Allah or Kermit the Frog say then things might come into harmony. Anyway enough deep stuff I have to tell you the other day I swapped my bed for a trampoline! Lara hit the roof

Love to all

Sugar in The Mill

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Well gidday and I hope all is well. I had a great weekend with some gigs at some not so usual venues with the highlight of the weekend being a great gig at The Mill Tavern in Millmerran for my mates Nat & Josh Volz. If you are ever in Millmerran drop on and say gidday it’s a fat venue and was fully pumpin on Saturday night. They have great meals and a huge beer garden. In other news Tupac is not dead.
Just before I go I wanna share a little story with you – two kids, one four, and one seven are chatting in their room when the seven year old says I think it’s time we start swearing we are old enough. Follow my lead when we get down stairs . They walk into the kitchen and mum asks the seven year old what would you like for breaky darling ? He replies get me some coco pops bitch! Mum backhands him and he flys across the floor. Mum them asks the four year old what would you like honey ? To which she replies well it won’t be fucken coco pops that’s for sure!
Love to all

A Long Time

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Hi everyone and sorry it’s been a few drinks between blogs but life seems to be a bit hectic. I have been gigging all over the country side with gigs from Chinchilla to Brissy and all in between. Have had some great crowds especially at the Club Hotel on Friday night it was a great local crowd and lots of fun to play for. I had had the pleasure of doing another Wedding at Gabbinbar Homestead on Saturday. This is an amazing venue if you are looking for a traditional type wedding with so much history in one place as well as making your own history. Fitzys yesterday was good as usual but O blew up my Bose PA system
Yesterday with the help of a can of red bull (it definately didn’t give it wings) so you might see me gigging with some new gear in the near future.

I have to let you in on a story from my trip to chinchilla with my mate and drummer Trent. We where driving along and I said to Trenty “hey look at that big flock of cows”. To which Trenty said ” herd of cows” and my reply was “of course I’ve heard of cows we just drove through a flock of them”
Hope you all have a great week and look forward to seeing you all soon.
Lots of love

Old Friends

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Gidday! You know you go through life and you have many people come into your life and then go again the average person has sex with 16.4 different people and 2.7 long term relationships. During school you form friendships that you don’t realise you where grateful for until later in life. This exact thought came to mind this morning when I saw an old friend (well I was actually friends with her brother but am grateful for the whole family’s friendship) her son Ollie is in desperate need of an operation in the USA to help him be pain free. I have donated my fee for yesterday’s gig at a The Irish Club to the cause. If you can help in anyway please do I have shared a link on my Facebook page that you can donate. It all goes straight to the family of Ollie. Good luck Ollie and I hope all goes well with the raising Ange.
On another note had a great weekend of gigs all over the country side.
Thanks to everyone that came out to see me

Love to all

School Holidays

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Well I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for some time but I’ve been busy with my first job : being a dad. I had a lovely time with my girl while mummy had to work but thems the brakes as they say. Since my last blog I’ve done some gigs in Chinchilla , Highfields and of course my TBar venues. On Sunday I played at The Blue Mountain Hotel for the first time. I played before Chisel Revived a Cold Chisel tribute band and I have to say I was disappointed with the turnout from Toowoomba. People forever whine and winge there is nothing to do in Toowoomba well yes there is hey get into the gig guides and go out and support some local live music. Here was a great kid friendly opportunity to listen to some great Chisel classics but only a few showed up. Anyway rant over get out and see some live music. Just before I go here are a few things that have been headlines in the last few days that no one really cares about except the last one
* Germany won the World Cup
* Ian Thorpe is Gay ( good for you Ian)
* Cronulla’s two game winning streak
came to an end
* Elton John is Gay ( good for you
* I’m Fat &
* My beautiful Cuz Karen turned 50
Today. Happy Birthday Kaz

Love to all bye for now

Old School still Rocks

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Gidday and I hope this finds you all well. So after a great usual weekend of gigs with seven potential girlfriends, two potential boyfriends , one potential punch up and a beautiful wife and daughter that I love at home waiting to see me we are on to another week. As you all will know I’ve done some traveling lately with gigs from Quilpie to Cairns and more booked in Moree, Goondiwindi, Taree just to mention a few I’m gonna start hitting the road more often cause it’s fun. ( actually I don’t have a gig in Taree I just love the name ). Thanks to all the punters over the weekend just gone with Fibbers & The Southern the places to be and it was nice to play at Fitzy’s yesterday with Bill & Liz celebrating their engagement. I was actually playing on their first date many moons ago where they both got smashed on bubbly so that is the shit that I love to see happening cause all you need is love!
Just before I go I’ve got a quick question for you : why do you never see aspirin in the jungle
Answer : cause the Parrots eatem all !
Love to all

Drought & Determination

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Well gidday everyone and I hope you are having a lovely long weekend. I’ve had a busy and great weekend of gigging but one gig that stands out is Friday nights gig in Quilpie. For those of you that don’t know where Quilpie is it’s a solid 10 hour drive from TBar, but what a great community as a large part of Australia they are having a terrible drought, but they are battling together to get through. Friday night Drought Relief Benifit was a free night for all people in the area to come and eat and listen to 3 fantastic guest speakers ( and of course us) the first speaker was a lady who is the voice of Blinky Bill and is the female voices in How Green was my Cactus, the second was the founder of eagle boys pizza and the last was Buddha Handy the rugby legend and TV presenter. It was a great night and an honour and a pleasure to be playing at this amazing event for these amazing people and it made me realize how lucky us city people are in life. Anyway I hope you all had a great long weekend but before I go I want to share a story with you about positive thinking. A young 18 year old had taken a job selling vacuume cleaners. On his first morning he went to a new housing estate there was only a few houses and a cow paddock across the road from them. He cooked up a plan, he went and got a bag of the freshest greenest cow shit he could find. He then went to the first house and knocked on the door a pretty young lady opened the door, as she opened the door he threw the bag of poo all over her front room carpet and piped up with ” don’t worry if this vacuume doesn’t pick it up ill eat it ” she smiled and replied “I’ll get you a knife & fork” he said “no need this machine will clean it up ” to which she smiled and said ” I’ll get the knife & fork cause we don’t have the power on yet!”
Love to all